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  • Also a material shop would be great to buy everything from for cheap than having to roam the free world and tediously mining in the wood mine is better. It alows you to delete
    the wood mine and those things and it adds more space for new ideas.
    And fix the fences, glass panes, doors, and other glitches
    And make so that if you're in fly and u type a command u dont lose ur fly
    Things I would like to see in new prisons update.
    -A building block shop. Making it available to make great plots.
    -Working shop chest. It would be great to have working shop chest and item id's and not have to put everything on ah
    -Prestiges. I think it would be great for everyone to have cheaper rankup cost after prestiging. I think going from 1T to get to Racketeer and going from 26T the next time is a bit much
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