A bunch of little things on Skyblocks


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Feb 27, 2019
First of all none of this is really important its all minor things that can be fixed if anyone has to much time on his hands :p
I will add stuff if something else catches my eye
  • Guardian spawner have the same spawning requirements as Zombie spawners. (yes no water and no light or nothing will spawn, took me about an hour to figure out...)
  • Chunk hopper do not collect loot from slimes (magma and normal)
  • Slime spawner slimes still stack (might not be an easy fix and isn't really an issue anyways)
  • The boots enchantment Undead Ruse likely doesnt work (at least I coundn't get it to work)
  • The bow enchantment Infernal I doesn't do anything?
  • Donator kits (SkyElite,... ) still give old books
  • /kit doesnt list /kit Masterbook and /kit Superior
  • From /ranks:
    • /slap, /poke, /dab, /facepalm don't seem to work
    • Some rank enables /kit Masterbook but isn't listed
  • /repair all as listed in Store doesnt exist, you have to type /cmi repair all instead
  • would be nice if /prewards could be listed somewhere same as with /ranks and /kit (a lot of people don't know about it) (possibly in the /menu)
  • /menu
    • Music got removed?!
    • Settings radio does nothing
    • Maybe link /is cp and /is warps there
  • /warps
    • Remove Shop (doesnt exist)
    • add Normalnether
    • possible add challengecrate (already exists under /cmi warps)
  • Skyblock challenges
    • Nether only requires 20 ghast tears but states 30
    • Food collector, doesnt need all foods but does require a stack of usally unstackable mushroom stew... (took me so long to figure out)
    • Block collector wants a full stack of "Ore" but actually wants the refined resource (iron ingots not iron ore)
    • It's a party is a little hard and when staff force tps everyone onto an island it kinda goes against the idea of the challenges (I had to pay a bunch of people)
  • Found a little "exploit" you can use /team help to get books to trade with villagers, not that the time writing the command 3 times would be worth the one emerald
  • You can create shops in the public nether (not sure if thats intended)
  • You can tnt canon the public nether spawn (also not sure if thats actually gonna be an issue, since nether already looks like it's been bombed)
  • Vote crate seems to have the legendary dust broken at least I should have gotten it but didnt.. and someone else also said to have had that problem
    • on 2nd thought the issue is probably the fact that it is still the old dust
    • old books are listed aswell but those are working fine (giving new books when opened)
    • likely same issue with challenge crate?
  • Not sure if it can be fixed but fishing rods knockback players, which makes it easy to kill afk players on other islands
  • Would be awesome if the mcmmo /fishing shake skill could be enabled (supposed to shake items off mobs)
  • /points shop, neither the armor nor the tools are purchasable
  • the /mining Blast Mining, was likely disabled cause tnt wasn't enabled earlier on but now it is and it would be great to be usable
  • the old unopened secret dust can't be opened (a very easy fix would putting up a "crate" that swaps the old for new)
  • Not really a bug but villager breeding doesnt work due to no grieving and snowmans dont make snow :(
Feb 27, 2019
great, detailed list, although a lot of these issues have been known to not work already by the majority of the community and/or have been stated by staff - thanks for listing things out though!