Arturo's Staff Application


New member
Aug 12, 2019
What is your IGN? (In-Game Name) : Arturo
How old are you? * 16

What is your Discord Name/Tag? *
Arturo Guzman#0894

Do you have a working microphone?
Yes absolutely.

What country do you live in?

What timezone are you in? *
GMT+8 (Asian Timezone)

What languages are you fluent in?
English,Visayan and Tagalog

What is your total current playtime across all of the servers on the network? *
I only play in Skyblock : 11h 26m 45s

Are you able to capture evidence of e.g. players cheating? *
(Recordings for example)
Absolutely, using OBS or Bandicam.

Have you ever been punished on the server before? *
(If so, list the punishments: warns, mutes, etc)

Why do you want to be Staff on Xenolith? *
I want to be part of the Staff Team because of the usual problems that player may encounter, about the cheaters,duppers and other person that may destroy the server's economy. I also want to help when someone encounter bugs fix it as possible as I can or call a higher admin rank if I couldn't fix it myself. I've love to help more also I really want to apply for me to make the server better than ever with also the help of other staff members. I will do my best, the bestest that I could ever do, I am honest, trustworthy and helpful.

Why should we pick you over other applicants? What can you provide us that others cannot? *
Maybe the other Staff Applicants just want to apply to abuse their powers as Trainee or maybe as an Administrator.
Well I know players and staff are different country, I can fill out the slot if players need staff I can help.
Some of them maybe can't provide what players want. I am always active because that will be my duty as being part of the Staff Team.
I am loyal, trustworthy, honest, God fearing and very helpful.

Do you have any past "staffing" experience? *
Yes, I do.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: How many players that server, that you staffed on, managed to maintain on average?
The playerbase was 90 everyday, 160+ every weekends and holidays.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What rank you had on that server?

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What you mainly did whilst you staffed on that server?
(e.g. Working on a plug-in via FTP)
I've been an Moderator on a server's friend. I keep moderating the helpers and the players, accept the bug reports from them so that I can report it to the owner as soon as possible that that it'll be fixed and no more problems.
I don't do so much plug-ins or any codes that can run a server.

How much time can you dedicate per day to moderating in-game, on discord and on the forums? *
(Creating a schedule gives us more information but, that's your choice)
Monday-Wednesday-Thursday : 5 hours
Tuesday : 6 hours
Saturday and Sunday : 10 hours

What would you consider to be your biggest flaw and trait?
(e.g. flaw > short-tempered / trait > developing plug-ins)
My biggest flaw are if players keep spamming on me, begging and make non-sense stuffs that won't be safe or maybe harmful for the other players.
Also my traits are chill, listener, very helper , easy to understand and patient because I love helping players and to give all my best whatever I do.