AstonLorenzo's Staff App

Feb 23, 2019
What is your IGN? (In-Game Name


How old are you? *


What is your Discord Name/Tag? *
(e.g. DylThaB#5346)


Do you have a working microphone?


What country do you live in?


What timezone are you in? *


What languages are you fluent in?

English, a little Italian and a little French

What is your total current playtime across all of the servers on the network? *

I joined 08/02/19 and I have 11days 13hours 34minutes 41seconds

Are you able to capture evidence of e.g. players cheating? *
(Recordings for example)


Have you ever been punished on the server before? *
(If so, list the punishments: warns, mutes, etc)


Why do you want to be Staff on Xenolith? *

Because I play Skyblock a lot and I feel that there are not very many staff on enough to help with new players and just random problems that may occur.

Why should we pick you over other applicants? What can you provide us that others cannot? *

I have staffed before on a similar size server as a Moderator and I would be able to staff on Skyblock and help those who need it on there. I have been playing Skyblock quite a while on different servers other than this one so I know my way around plugin and how most things Skyblock related work.

Do you have any past "staffing" experience? *

Yes, I was Moderator on a server called Velocity MC

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: How many players that server, that you staffed on, managed to maintain on average?

on average when I was Moderator we had around 50 per sub server which were Skyblock, Factions Red, Factions Blue, and then around maybe 0-10 people on creative depending on the day. I spent most of my time on Factions Red winning F-Top twice in a row and on Skyblock winning is-Top twice in a row.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What rank you had on that server?

Helper to Head Helper to Moderator before the server shut down.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What you mainly did whilst you staffed on that server?
(e.g. Working on a plug-in via FTP)

I mainly worked with players helping where I could and I also helped build the Factions Red map and just helped around when needed.

How much time can you dedicate per day to moderating in-game, on discord and on the forums? *
(Creating a schedule gives us more information but, that's your choice)

Currently, I am on the server at around 3 hours per day not including AFK. Depending if I have school or not some days I can be on more than 3 hours. On regular school days I am able to be on whenever needed and after school, I am usually on from 5pm-11pm. On weekends I am usually on all day unless I have a soccer commitment which I will be able to inform higher-ups about beforehand.

What would you consider to be your biggest flaw and trait?
(e.g. flaw > short-tempered / trait > developing plug-ins)

My biggest flaw is my coinflip addiction, and playing this game too much

Thank you,