fsnik123 staff application.


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Jun 15, 2019
What is your IGN? (In-Game Name

How old are you? *
16 (03/10/2002).

What is your Discord Name/Tag? *
(e.g. DylThaB#5346)
N_I_S Gaming

Do you have a working microphone?
yes, i have 2.

What country do you live in?
England, UK

What timezone are you in? *
UK (GMT+1)

What languages are you fluent in?
English and Russian, can speak both with out misstakes.

What is your total current playtime across all of the servers on the network? *
About 2 or more days.

Are you able to capture evidence of e.g. players cheating? *
(Recordings for example)
I am able to record and upload it on youtube for evidence.

Have you ever been punished on the server before? *
(If so, list the punishments: warns, mutes, etc)
I have been falesly banned, i am sure that doesnt affect the past as I have done everything to fix that problem from happening again.

Why do you want to be Staff on Xenolith? *
I feel like some parts of the server could do with some extra staff, this includes the recommended 1.8.9 versions of the server like Kit pvp and Practice pvp.
Therefore I could watchover the game while enjoying it myself. And I could also record rule breakers and other people that brake the rules and such. The Xenolith network is a great place to play and relax, I feel like i can impact the close people around that are daily players.

Why should we pick you over other applicants? What can you provide us that others cannot? *
I can speak 2 fluent languages which advances me to the extra helping level that others do not have, this is a good thing to have. And also I can spot cheaters ( mostly in pvp battles) as i know how the mechanichs of the game work. Which give the server extra help with rule breakers.

Do you have any past "staffing" experience? *
I have had past experience.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: How many players that server, that you staffed on, managed to maintain on average?
It was a server with around 20 players daily; not a big one. But the players love me and think i have helped them with surrounding problems they faced.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What rank you had on that server?
I have had Co-Owner before.

If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What you mainly did whilst you staffed on that server?
(e.g. Working on a plug-in via FTP)
I helped the Owner set up files and configurations. This includes the Permissions Ex files and some of the plugins that the server had run.

How much time can you dedicate per day to moderating in-game, on discord and on the forums? *
(Creating a schedule gives us more information but, that's your choice)
I can moderate anything over the time of 4 as i do have school and other learning schemes, but on the summer break I have right now, I can definately moderate over 6 hours a day on all of the network.

What would you consider to be your biggest flaw and trait?
(e.g. flaw > short-tempered / trait > developing plug-ins)
My flaw would be that if people are not nice to me and horrible they deserve to think over what they are saying and the actions they are causing, no one likes a mean person to ruin their day.
My trait would be that I am good at PvP and pretty much know the techniques of all the movements and also know if players are behaving weirdly in anyway possible, or if the players are exploiting the game mechanichs using 3-rd party clients. This gives me a advantage of possibly catching any cheaters in game. I would aldo like to check if the player is cheating by giving them a chance by looking at their files, as i think anyone deserves to show they are right. If they are right, its just the case of saying "sorry for wasting your time and i hope you enjoy your gameplay".
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