Gambling, Crash ban appeal

Feb 23, 2019
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What is your IGN? *

What is the IGN of the Staff member who banned you?
I think Overseer but it said console

Why are you banned? *
for using /bg and /crash to gain money faster than others and without consulting the staff about it

What time were you banned?

Why should your ban be revoked? *
It was not to my knowledge that using crash was exploiting. Yes, I did gain money but it took a while to get to where I was able to get a bunch in a short period. I don't really understand why this would be a ban of 20days or a ban at all but I understand the concern that we know how to make money and use the server efficiently to gain money and progress higher than others, I'm not sure I would consider that exploiting but I understand where you are coming from. . while gaining money I did lose and you can check by the fact that my win rate is 33% on /bg and considering I play a lot of gambling that's very low. I was not aware that what we were doing was in any way against the rules and did not think it would be considered an exploit at the time. As a player who likes to cf and makes money as most are I just took a leap of faith and tried out the new games (some were a little glitchy btw) once I found crash and made a little money I got Raniel into it and we found a new better way to make money. Since before the new cf system, we were making lots of money each day if players were willing to cf us ( after a while they weren't so we lost our profit from cfs) so this new system looked like an even better way because there were no players vs player it was against the server meaning whenever we wanted we could gamble and hope to make some cash as we did before with cf but against other players. This was a fun and easy solution to our recent loss of participants in cfs. In no way shape or form did we intend to exploit this crash mini-game and in that moment it was just damn we making money and having fun. We worked hard to get the money that we used to win the rest from the crash and it wasn't like we just won one huge crash. We played crash for that whole day losing, then winning a little then losing again until we got to where we were around the 25mill mark where we went hard 10 mills each bet and that's where the huge amount of money came from in such as small amount of time. All we had to do was go 10million and get out at x2 which I did not do most of the time but that was the plan and it would be easy money. For me, I am a gambler I don't really care about the money I just like the feeling of going in big and getting out at the x4 which is hard. The money isn't something we care much about as long as we can play on xenolith. I do have a somewhat solution to our recent "exploit" and this would be to lower the max amount you can put in at a time for the crash since the game itself is fun and it works very well but if you have them money to put 10mill in it is pretty easy to gain money fast. or you can make it that you can only make a certain amount of money per day to make it so that players cant surpass for example 15million prompts in a crash each day. There was no intent from me nor Raniel to exploit a flaw in the system of the server but rather have some fun together gambling and get some spawners. I hope this was not too long thanks, AstonLorenzo

Do you have any proof that the ban was false? *
(Recordings of e.g. you not cheating - Recordings should be uploaded to YouTube and linked here.)
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