Gray's intro.


New member
Jul 9, 2019
Hey there, I'm Gray or Grayone from in game!

So, where shall I start... I'm a (in the time of posting this very soon to) 16 years old boy, I live in Macedonia (A place that 90% of the peeps reading this don't know that it exists. But it does!) and I'm a player that dates back from Retronix.

I love to develop stuff, I have developed Discord bots some Websites and currently I'm learning Game Development.
Also I love to meet new friends, (hey Kane and Death_note and don't think I forgot u CapitalF . love u.)

I have been on Minecraft for about 4 years now with some small breaks.

If you want to talk to me feel free to contact me on Discord Grayone#2875
See you all around! Have fun!