Prison Command Guide


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Feb 13, 2019
Levelling commands:
/level - opens the level interface.
/levelup - progress to the next rank
/levelupmax- progress to the highest rank your balance can afford.
/rebirth - .sacrifices your level and balance to unlock a new perk (see spawn for list of perks) and the ability to reach higher levels.
/prestige - similar to re-birthing but can only be performed at level 150. Sacrifices your level and balance, a small rewards will be granted to you.
/pay - allows you to send money to a player

Basic commands:
/kit - allows you to claim your kit(s)
/spawn - return to your spawn
/leaderboards - view the prestige and mining leaderboards.
/menu - open the navigation menu
/points - view your points balance
/points pay - send your points to another player
/upgrade - increase the enchantments of the item you are holding
/enchanter - open the enchantment shop
/quests - view the active daily quests
/winners - view the last months winners of the mining leaderboard
/tutorial - learn how to play
/reclaim - claim donator ranks/perks
/coinflip - gamble your money against another player
/nightvision - toggle the night vision potion effect
/baltop - view the players with the highest balance
/pv - open your private vaults (increase your limit with donator ranks)

Selling commands:
/sellall - sell the items in your inventory
/sell - allias for /sellall
/autosell - automatically sell items
/ah sell - sell your items to other players

Getting around the server:
/spawn - return to spawn
/warp(s) - can be used to navigate the server.
/free - grants you access to the free world. unlocked at level 150 (see below)

Unlock-able perks:
[25] /ah - grants you access to the auction house.
[50] /plots - grants you access to the plots (see below)
[75] /craft - grants you access to a virtual private workbench anywhere.
[100] /enderchest - grants you access to your enderchest anywhere.
[125] /hat - grants you the ability to put items on your head.
[150] /free - grants you access to the freeworld.

Plot Commands:
/warp plots - allows you to visit the plot world
/plot auto - claims the next available plot for you (increase your plot limit with donator ranks)
/plot claim - claims the plot you are standing on (increase your plot limit with donator ranks)
/plot reset - clears your plot
/iteminfo - get the information of the item you are holding, useful for creating chest shops.

Donator commands: (
/heal - replenish your health
/feed - replenish your hunger
/afk - mark yourself as afk
/craft -grants you access to a virtual private workbench anywhere.
/nick - change your nickname (with colours)
/autosell - automatically sell your items
/fly - allows you to fly everywhere excluding pvp arena
/repair - allows you to fix your items
/autolevelup - automatically levelup when your balance can afford it