Skyblock reset suggestions


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Feb 27, 2019
This will be quite the lengthy post because I wanna go into detail on how I would like skyblocks to look like AFTER the reset, which we are all patiently awaiting once the plugins are running on 1.14. For those of you who don't know yet 1.14 is to be released on the 23rd April and we can expect it to take at least a month before the plugins are 1.14 ready.
I was rambling already a bit on my staff application but here I want to give a much more structured overview about how I would like to server to look like:

First of all I wanna support my ideas by listing the "problems" I am seeing right now:
  • 95% of the Islands are still the starter islands with a dirt/wood path to the Sand Island
    This indicates that most players just can't really figure out how Skyblocks works they visit the 2nd Island and are simply stuck thinking: "Thats all there is only these 2 Islands?" They expect more adventure like features.
  • It feels really unappreciated setting up food/cactus farms. There are a lot of players out there who like setting up massive farms but the fact that they have much more work than players using spawners is not appreciated at all, since they will earn a lot less money.
  • Falling down and losing all the starter items is the main reason for people quitting/resetting. The 2nd most common thing is creating Obsidian.
  • At 50k Island level you basically did most of the stuff and don't really know what to do anymore.
My potential solutions to those "problems":
  • Give a wide range of start Island options
    This is in my opinion very important and not much work at all. There are plugins to give different starting Island options and making them shouldn't be much work.
    It would be important to give players the options to warp to protected starting Islands to have a look at the different options before creating their own!
    What I would like to see are following Islands:
    • Noob Island First time playing skyblocks? Then this is the Island for you!
      A mostly default Island but with a working cobblestone generator a small platform and small manual farms already setup.
    • Adventure Islands A small cluster of Islands each which its own features and maybe some hidden treasures? :D
      Around 10-20 small Islands on !different hights! where you can find all the different resources, some hidden treasures and possibly some traps.
    • Pirate Island Arrr! Are you feeling a little piratey today?
      You start on a flying pirate ship
    • Hardcore Island Are you up for a challenge? Than this is the Island for you!
      Every possible challenge you can think of. (Snowy Biome so the cobble gen keeps freezing. Island close to the top of the world. You get what I mean)
    • Default Island The default Skyblocks experience (quite boring :p not recommended)
      I would put this option at the far right so people dont choose it by default

    • If you can think of other starting Islands make a post below and I will add them to the list! Try to come up with unique Islands that give a different feel to the game!
  • Give the game a more linear progressing mode
    Even though Minecraft in general and Skyblocks are Sandbox games and you can make your own decision on what to work on, a lot of people write that they don't know what to do. What the Adventure Islands are already trying to target should also be targeted by the challenges. At the moment you can and even have to complete most of the challenges by buying the stuff from the shop which doesn't seem like much of an achievement. While those blocks should certainly still be purchasable from the in game shop, I would increase the prices by quite a lot and instead give out blocks as repeatable challenge rewards.
    I will give a few examples of how I would set up the challenges in general:
    • Cobble collector Collect 3 Stacks of Cobble Stone
      • First time reward: 1 Challenge Key + 64 Dirt Blocks
      • Repeatable reward: 64 Dirt Blocks
    • Bread maker Collect 3 Stacks of Bread
      • First time reward: 1 Challenge Key + 64 Sand Blocks
      • Repeatable reward: 64 Sand Blocks
    • Glass maker Collect 3 Stacks of Glass
      • First time reward: 1 Challenge Key + 10 Obsidian (enough to make a nether portal)
      • Repeatable reward: 10 Obsidian
They can do the first challenge when that's finished they get the 64 dirt and can use that to make a wheat farm to finish the 2nd challenge and so on​
This way people won't find themselves in a situation where they don't really know what to do. Since they are guided through the game but still have the option to do something completely else.​
  • Keepinventory
    In my opinion players should keep their inventory when falling from their island. People type /is anyways while in free fall the only ones who don't are the new players who get punished for it and lose their ice/lava.
    I don't believe Skyblocks is meant to be a challenge of who can type /is fast enough to not lose his gear but the challenge consists of staying alive on the island and setting up farms, doing challenges etc. so I wouldn't mind having the keepinventory gamerule changed to true for all kind of deaths.

    The 2nd thing might be controversial but I believe this should apply to envoy pvp as well. Currently in envoy nearly all the players have a gentlemen agreement to not kill each other, after all skyblocks isn't factions and people usually help each other out. If someone does go on a hunting spree other people are usually quick to aid but nevertheless stuff keeps getting burned from ce lightning all the time which doesn't help anyone.
    I have never seen a planned PvP battle where both parties didn't agree on returning the items.

  • Make the game more balanced
    This will kind of already be solved with increasing the Block prices. If you wanna make a giant desert it would be best to set up a wheat farm to get the sand you need from the repeatable challenge. That way depending what you wanna do you will have the different farm in different sizes and you will see much more variety on the islands themselves. You can still just build a massive ghast farm but you can expect to pay a fortune for the grass blocks to expand your island.

  • Adding more late game stuff
    A part of it would also be already kinda solved be the repeatable challenge reward solution, since setting up one single farm just isn't effective at all. So just having and expanding all the different farms is something you can always work on. What is left to do is adding a few more challenges with late game rewards/trophies.
    Items that I could think of are: Shulker Boxes, Elytra, Dragon Head, Skeleton/Zombie/Creeper Head, a collection of admin heads, a "Blade of the Seven Stars" :p
    Im sure there are enough people willing to trade 36 Stacks of Diamond Blocks for a collection of admin heads :D or at least you will know what to do later on and not run around in circles on your island.

  • Refine the Rank kits
    I do like the new ranks, but especially they Juno and Neptune kit will need some reworking. I have a chest full of voting armor and voting picks and give them out to new players at least once a day. Compared to the Voting Pickaxe (Efficency V) the Neptune Pickaxe (Efficency II Unbreaking I) is useless. With the additional fact that it has a 8 day cooldown and you pay 20$ for that rank its just not fair. I would remove the steak, reduce the overall cooldown and put in some additional goodies everyone can use, for example a few diamond blocks, an envoy flare or maybe a mythical key.
    Even if your kit has only 10 gold blocks, you can still use those. Usually when you buy a rank you will already have a good Pickaxe and don't need one in a kit.

  • Changing the in game Ranks
    Currently the in game Ranks feature following commands:
    • /hat
    • /workbench (/wb)
    • /nick
    • /condense
    • /tptoggle
    • /dye
    • /seen
    • /kit superior
    • /kit masterbooks (not listed)
I would move /dye and maybe /seen to donator perks (btw it only works when using /cmi dye) and much worse every color works except /cmi dye pink!!! (no permission! Most important color!)

As for the ranks I would suggest something similar to this:​
  • Tier I (maybe for free)
    • /upgrade (so people actually check it out and realize thats where to upgrade the generator)
    • /warp mine (also a lot of people dont know it and its a nice way to get started, or just remove it)
    • /kit starter (stone tools and food)
  • Tier II
    • /kit basic (iron tools and food)
    • /hat
  • Tier III
    • /workbench
    • /nick
    • /warp nether (it would be a good idea to not let new players go the the public nether instantly, also this way they would realize that it exists)
  • Tier IV
    • /kit superior (its decent, nice to give a way to noobs or wear it when you dont wanna risk losing the armor, but voting armor is better)
    • /condense
  • Tier V
    • /kit masterbooks (its a really really good kit considering it has a mythical book every week where only jupiter has them every 16 days!)
    • /tptoggle

Finally it would be important that new players realise the commands /challenges /upgrade /kits /ce and /ranks exist! Especially /upgrade is overseen a lot of times early on!
Maybe a book ("Guide") with just one or 2 pages of information given to new players can already fix that.
Alternatively a few signs could describe the commands at /spawn although the way the current info board is placed hardly anyone seems to read it.

Please leave some feedback especially about things you would like to be added and things you don't like about my suggestions!
Apr 13, 2019
Wow you really love this server
I readed it all
I think you are right and
Idea of falling from the island is great coz I do it every time and feels bad when you see in chat .... fall in the void


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Feb 17, 2019
Love the whole list of suggestions!

While I personally do like the idea of not losing your items in PVP, I would like to add another possibility (which would require items to be dropped upon death).

  • PVP + /mine combined:
    Instead of having 1 island, the PVP area would be *much* larger, spread over several large islands. On these islands you'd be able to find most blocks, including the more precious ore (in small quantities, but allow for plenty of cobble and coal). Have a reset every so often, though obviously with the ability to gather diamond etc you don't want it resetting too frequently. Have a narrow path / jumps into the area, with a clear warning that PVP is enabled once you cross and that upon death all items will be lost. Allow 'fleeing' from combat by running out of the area over the path, do not allow /is or any variant to leave the combat zone. Only drop items upon death by another player, not from falling to your death. Have you reset into the combat zone again after falling off, and not in a safe zone to avoid people using it as an 'easy out'. Also disable teleporting into PVP, to stop easy tp kills.

    PVP will never be everyones cup of tea, it isn't mine. However, there are some who do enjoy it and at least if everything is made clear in a big bold warning before joining, you know what you're getting into. Running possible envoys simultaneously as having people gather cobble / precious ore may increase how often it gets used.

  • Removal of 'OP' spawners from /shop:
    I know a lot of people won't be happy with this, but the main reason why 'hard work farms' are under appreciated, is because the OP spawners are so easy to obtain. Once you have enough money to buy 2, your tend to increase so quickly you can keep buying. I'd like to see the OP spawners like 'Iron Golems' and 'Ghast' be available *only* through crate wins. They need to be made a whole lot less common, and not readily available as soon as you have the money.

  • Complete rework of the crates:
    While I absolutely love the keys and rewards you get from simply being online and / or voting, they're too much. It gets annoying to get a million hoppers, sure, but some cash rewards are too much and spawners are too frequent. Perhaps more layers of crates, where the better rewards are in the very highest tier and the only way to get the keys being from a previous layer of crate or buying in xenolith store. So say there are 5 layers of crates, only give away keys to the first 2 crates and have 3rd, 4th and 5th only be available from crate wins. Only way to win tier 5 crate is from tier 4, only way to win tier 4 is from winning in tier 3 etc. You need a lot of luck to get to the better rewards that way. I'd take spawners out of tier 1 and 2 completely, and introduce the common ones in tier 3 and OP ones only in tier 5. That, *or* remove them from normal crates and have a spawner only crate with hard to get keys and a low drop rate for OP spawners.

    5 Million is also too much to win, especially with how pretty frequent mythical keys are. I've won it several times over, and to be honest, while I loved it the first time around I do believe it took away a heck of a lot of fun playing for me since then. Everything got handed on a platter and became too easy.

  • Shulker Boxes:
    I'm gonna add this in as it's own section. I know they're available at the moment, but very rare (the way OP spawners should be ;)). A large part of the Skyblock community likes building, and there's some really impressive things out there. Shulker boxes would be fantastic in supporting them, to have all their building materials on them at all times once gathered. Apart from them perhaps making player vaults slightly less interesting, I don't see a reason as to why they're so limited at the moment. I'd like to see them more readily available, either through /shop, crates or a shulker spawner.
Feb 22, 2019
Dude this is amazing lol I agree with it all legit, I think the keep inventory in pvp is a good idea because chuu goes on a killing spree and kill all the people and I agree the ces burn your armour and it’s really annoying, also the islands thing would be good because the only island we have is basic and it’s true that the noobs that are new to skyblock will not know what the hell to do lol