XxMagnusxX Staff Application

Mar 5, 2019
1. What is your IGN? XxMagnusxX
2. How old are you? 15
3. What is your Discord Name/Tag? XxMagnusxX/Space#5235
4. Do you have a working microphone? Yes, but it is only on my phone
5. What country do you live in? united states
6. What time zone are you in? U.S.A. Eastern time zone
7. What languages are you fluent in? English, but I can’t spell well
8. What is your total current playtime across all of the servers on the network? 3 days I think
9. Are you able to capture evidence of e.g. players cheating? Ask a higher up to confirm my suspension and I got recording software
10. Have you ever been punished on the server before? Not that I know of
11. Why do you want to be Staff on Xenolith? If you need help I can be back up if you want
12. Why should we pick you over other applicants? What can you provide us that others cannot? Now that is really up to you and I can do redstone fairly well
13. Do you have any past "staffing" experience? Yes legitcraft I was a mod on that server
14. If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: How many players that server, that you staffed on, managed to maintain on average? Yes 10 player at max but 15. the server died out
16. If you have any past "staffing" experience, let us know: What rank you had on that server?
I I was a helper then admin the mod
17. How much time can you dedicate per day to moderating in-game, on discord and on the forums?
Sunday: 30 minutes - 2 hour
Monday: 30 minutes - 2 hour
Tuesday: 30 minutes - 2 hour
Wednesday: 30 minutes - 2 hour
Thursday: 30 minutes - 2 hours
Friday: 30mintes - 2 hours
Saturday: 30 minutes - 2 hours
18. And I am looking to be admin
Feb 16, 2019

- Not much detail
- Some grammar issues
- You asked for admin...
- You have virtually nothing in two questions, and you skipped the Flaws and Traits section.
- Also, this application says 3 days, while the application you sent me said 5 days... Are you lying about your playtime?

This is not a great application in my opinion, it is obvious that not much effort has been put into this application. Good luck though.
Mar 5, 2019
hello, seekeroftacos the 3 days and 5 days thing um... I really just don't know how much time I have been playing on the server and the grammar issues like I said in question 7 I can't spell well I can talk well tho and the not much detail I just want it to be simple


Staff member
Feb 14, 2019
- Hard to read
- Lack of Details
- You can use /playtime to see how long you have been playing a specific gamemode.
- A "don't care" Attitude
- This is an Application for Trainee. You will not get Administrator.
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